Affiliate Programming

100% individualised and customised programming for your CrossFit Affiliate. Science based, all inclusive, minute-by-minute class planning for all levels. Increase the quality of the service and product you provide to your members while freeing up your most valuable resource – time.

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Key elements:

  • All training and workouts, incorporating strength, work capacity and skill elements.
  • Session specific warm-up and pre- workout routine to mobilise and activate the structures required for that day’s workouts.
  • Scaling guidelines and injury ‘work-arounds’ for all workouts.
  • Coaching guidelines and strategy recommendations for all workouts.
  • Accessory work specific to your box’s goals.
  • Session specific movement therapy exercises to correct the musculo-skeletal imbalances behind the most common faults for the movements in that day’s session.
  • Session specific recovery exercises.
  • Interactive movement library links for all session specific pre- and post- workout routines.
  • Two levels of daily extra credit sessions for skill ability and skill stamina development.
  • Weekly optional extra credit sessions for swimming, plyometrics, agility and sprint work.

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Your Investment:

Range of Motion's Affiliate Programming is $179 per week. We guarantee no one else will follow your unique programming, or a version of it. For this investment you get:

  • Time: Take back more of your most precious resource by outsourcing your programming.
  • Athlete Development: Maximise the development of all levels of athlete at your box with intelligent, high quality, scientific, outcome based programming.
  • Confidence: Confidence that your clients are following a specific, balanced, progressive, consistent, goal based program. Get peace of mind and minimise stress, knowing your programming will arrive a week in advance, every week, without fail.
  • Complete Programming: Everything all levels of your membership needs for their physical development in one place; strength, skill, conditioning, accessory work, specific warm-ups, cool downs, mobility and movement therapy.
  • Full Support: Full access to Dan Williams (your programmer) for full technical support.

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Dan Williams is an Exercise Physiologist, Exercise Scientist and CrossFit Affiliate Owner. Dan has the combination of experience and expertise to create the highest quality of programming. He is a two-time CrossFit Games coach (Helen Harding 40-44 Masters Champion, 2016 and Denae Brown, 2014), four-time CrossFit Regionals coach, and four time CrossFit Regionals athlete. Dan is the Director of Range of Motion, Co-Director of Fitness Educators, and Co-Director of My Fitness File. He has a Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Health Science) and a Postgraduate Bachelor of Exercise Rehabilitation Science, with minors in Biomechanics and Sport Psychology.

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