Helen Harding Programming Profile

Athlete: Helen Harding, 2016 CrossFit Games Master's Champion.

"I receive Dan’s detailed and highly individualised programming weekly. It contains everything I need to become a better and more complete athlete. His incredible depth of knowledge of both the art and science of programming played a deciding part in my successes in the CrossFit Games.''

Programming Order of Priorities:

  1. Olympic Lifting.
  2. Bodyweight.
  3. Power Lifting.
  4. Work Capacity.

Athlete Profile (this forms the basis of the weakness biased programming):

A gymnastics dominant athlete with a good cardiorespiratory engine and strongest at bodyweight type movements. Strength and power are the major weaknesses. Weakness with anything barbell related, particularly the more complex Olympic lifts - deficit of skill and technqiue. Relatively, your upper body is stronger than lower body. Even with good cardiorespiratory endurance, fatigues quicker than desired with barbell movements as constantly working close to max strength. Limited by ability to move external weight.

Special Considerations:

  • Joint/Musculo-skeletal issues to work around mean several movements are 'off the table'.
  • Programming specific to the three levels of CrossFit Competition (Open/Regionals/Games).

Session Type Percentage Breakdown Bias):

Practiceable Weakness Development Priorities:

  • Muscle-ups.
  • Legless rope climbs.
  • Rope climbs.
  • Strict handstand push-ups.

Trainable Weakness Development Priorities:

  • Rowing.
  • Pull from ground power (power clean/snatch).

Training Time Availabilities:

  • Mon: Three hours.
  • Tue: Three hours.
  • Wed: 60 minutes (recovery day).
  • Thu: Two hours.
  • Fri: Three hours.
  • Sat: Three hours.
  • Sun: None.

Sample Program:

The following is an example of what our Individual Programming clients receive on a weekly basis.

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Dan Williams

Dan Williams is the Founder and Director of Range of Motion. He is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Exercise Rehabilitation Science. Dan is a CrossFit Coach (at CF Games Level) and four time CrossFit Regionals Athlete.