Quick Marketing Tips for Fitness Pros, Part 1.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 01: A good PT marketing plan will have a focus – a common purpose. By having all elements of a marketing plan pulling in the same direction you will get to your outcome sooner. More clients. Happier clients. Ultimately, a larger bottom line.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 02: As much as we can give you guidelines on marketing your PT business, a lot of your success will come from creativity. By definition, if you follow the same rules as everyone else, you will get the same result as everyone else. In a field where you need to stand out, this will be completely useless. So don’t follow the rules. Break them – or even better, write your own. How out there can you get?

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 03: There are three ways to position yourself in the eyes of your target clients. You can compare yourself to a competitor (showing how you’re better), you can convey a benefit of a client using your service or you can assign yourself with something your potential client values. Or you could do all three. It’s best to work out which is best for you and nail it.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 04: When generating ideas for ways to get your PT business known by your target clients, the key is quantity not quality – at least at first. Your competitors have thought of all the obvious ideas, and these are the ones that will come out first. The deeper you delve the more your ideas will deviate from the accepted methods of your competitors. By idea number 50, you’re starting to get unique. Now we’re talking creative!

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 05: Every business has (or should have) ‘raving fans’. These are the clients who have been with you for a long time, rave about you to their friends, and will follow you to the ends of the Earth. These guys want to help. Ask them why they are so loyal. Why will they follow you? What is it that you do that they like? Once you know these things, use them as key points of difference in marketing to a wider audience.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 06: A Personal Training business relies heavily on client retention. It has been reported that it costs up to 20 times as much to get a new client as it does to retain an old one. If you’re good at what you do, retention should be easy. As a Personal Trainer, this should be the core of what you do. Clients are loyal – but this sometimes needs fostering. Treat your people right – promise them the best, then give them even more. Keep 20 clients or lose 20 and get one new client? Your call.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 07: You can quickly determine the effectiveness of your advertising by asking yourself two questions. Are you attracting new clients? Are you retaining your current clients? If you answered yes to both – your PT business is looking healthy. If you answered yes to one, you might be ok now, but you’re not going anywhere exciting soon. If you answered no to both, you need to rethink your marketing and business model as a whole.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 08: Instead of spending your time and money trying to TELL your potential clients how good you are, spend it on SHOWING your current clients how good you are. Do this and they’ll do the telling for you.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 09: Are you providing your clients with a ‘need’ or a ‘want’? ‘Wants’ are fickle. They change from day to day. Yesterday I didn’t want to exercise, today I do. ‘Needs’ however are constant and universal. I need air. I need water. I need food. You need to provide a service that leaves your clients needing you. Get them to this stage and their need will be constant and they’ll be yours for as long as you’ll have them.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 10: The biggest deficiency in running a PT business is not skill or clients or money (though this helps!), but IDEAS. The industry is so competitive that everyone has the same ideas. You need something new! Ideas are currency. Don’t be afraid to try a new idea – if you don’t someone else will.

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Dan Williams

Dan Williams is the Founder and Director of Range of Motion. He is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Exercise Rehabilitation Science. Dan is a CrossFit Coach (at CF Games Level) and four time CrossFit Regionals Athlete.