Quick Marketing Tips For Fitness Pros, Part 2.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 11: If you’re putting together an advert of any kind, create an outline by following three steps. First determine the goal of the advert, what do you want the outcome to be. Next determine the promise you want to make about your business; what can you offer your prospective clients? Finally work out the feel or tone of the advert; fun, professional, serious? With these steps followed you now have a creative brief to build your advert.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 12: Be consistent with your PT marketing. Colours, images, logos and the general style of everything you do should be uniform. It’s hard enough to build one brand without trying to build several – because in reality this is what inconsistent marketing is doing. Inconsistent marketing cancels itself out. Your brand develop is not just depleted – it’s almost destroyed completely.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 13: Cut up your target market into little pieces. Instead of marketing at everyone, market to each group individually. A targeted strategy that talks to a small group of people will have a much greater effect than a broad strategy that talks to everyone. The difference is, if you’re talking to a small group of people – and it’s a message they want to hear, these people will listen. If your talking to everyone, and it’s a message they’re not interested in, no one will listen. 10 people listening to you are better than 100 people ignoring you.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 14: For any external marketing – begin by appealing to your potential clients’ emotions. By offering to solve a problem you build an emotional connection. You are offering to do something for them, and people like when you can do things for them. An emotional appeal however is not enough. Everyone claims to be able to help you – but few will tell you exactly HOW. Once you have an emotional hook to get people’s attention, you must appeal to their sense of logic. Use examples of how you have solved other people’s problems (testimonials), describe the science behind your methodologies. Give them the how, not just the what.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 15: Although the best ideas for marketing your Personal Training business are usually the most crazy, the way you implement them has to be smart and level headed. You need to have the imagination of an artist with the planning and implementation of a scientist. Once you have the idea, don’t just release it on the world. Plan and strategise about its delivery. It’s not a great idea unless people actually see it.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 16: Your marketing has to be flash! We can guarantee that you want PT clients more than your target market wants to be your client. Did we lose you? Basically, you’re marketing to people who don’t really care if your business succeeds. Harsh? No… realistic. Offer your prospective clients what they want. Not what you think they want. Don’t know what they want? Ask them! Ask your friends/colleagues/family for an honest opinion. Then listen to it!

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 17: You must appeal to your prospective clients. You need to align your goals with their goals. By playing towards their goals and offering a solution, you are solving a problem. By offering to solve this problem, and explaining how you would do this, you are able to create a desired response from you target and encourage action. This action is the vital endpoint of any external marketing – by motivating them into action they will contact you and a potential client becomes a long term client.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 18: Your Personal Training business needs a personality. You should be able to describe it like you would describe a person. Create a business that’s like the sort of person you would want to hang out with. Is your business fun? Is it exciting? Is it constantly evolving? The sorts of things that draw us towards people can also draw potential clients to your business. Make sure every point of contact consistently develops your business’s personality.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 19: Never stand still. By standing still you wont stay in the same place – relative to your competitors, you’re moving backwards. We can guarantee the successful ones aren’t standing still. As science causes our knowledge to evolve, you can evolve your service to match the research. Constantly learn, constantly upgrade and constantly improve. Keep moving, and your clients will keep following you.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 20: Give give give! If you give to your potential clients, they will give back to you. Offer them specials, discounts, or give things away for free! If you can get them in the door (assuming your training is second to non) your service will win them over for life.

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Dan Williams is the Founder and Director of Range of Motion. He is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Exercise Rehabilitation Science. Dan is a CrossFit Coach (at CF Games Level) and four time CrossFit Regionals Athlete.