Quick Marketing Tips For Fitness Pros, Part 4

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 31: Make your service the best you can. Personal Trainers vary hugely in terms of skill set, personality and professionalism. There are good PTs, and there are bad PTs, and there’s a whole bunch in the middle. Attracting new clients can be tough if they’ve had a bad experience in the industry previously. Work out what the industry may have done poorly in the past and correct it. Promote the fact that you are correcting this deficiency and you will win over those who have been burnt in the past.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 32: If you think your Personal Training business is better than your competitors, encourage your potential clients to compare you to them. Highlight what you can offer that your competition can’t. Highlight what they do wrong that you do right. If you’re not better than your competitors, don’t even bother trying to get new clients – the comparison will never be favourable. Fix your service first, then compare.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 33: Are you solving a problem? In the fitness industry, potential clients need a problem solved. If you can’t solve their problem, you’re of no use to them. Instead of developing a service and then targeting potential clients, target potential clients THEN develop your service to solve their problems.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 34: The fitness industry, like any other industry, follows trends. You have one of three options (in increasing order of importance). You can wait until trends catch on then follow them, you can jump on at the ground floor by predicting that a trend is about to be formed or you can start a trend. These three options get more risky, but also more (potentially) profitable. You need to decide where you sit. Higher risk equals higher return, but also higher potential for crashing and burning.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 35: People are lazy. If they’re reading your external marketing material you’ve got further than most people do. If they’re reading it, you have to keep them reading it. Keep your sentences short. Keep your messages simple. Keep your words short. Be direct. Get your message across, then stop. No more. Simple message, call to action. That’s it.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 36: Every function within your business is marketing. Not just the promoting you do, but your quality of service, your brand, the client experience and every other facet. Personal Trainers sell an experience. This experience is your marketing. Maximise your client’s experience and you’ll never have to market a day in your life.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 37: Make sure you consider short and long term marketing strategies for your Personal Training business. Short term strategies demand short term results. A one-off advert in the local paper with a special offer is a short term strategy. It requires people to act immediately. Most people think only of short term marketing. But consider a smaller advert that people see consistently every week. Even though they may not act, they become aware of your business. Draw your potential clients’ attention. When they need you, they know where you are.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 38: The purpose of your marketing is to increase the bottom line of your PT business. You do this by getting to customers, convincing them to train with you, then ensuring they keep training with you. The first step, getting to customers, revolves around you fulfilling some sort of need or want. Give them something they want – not something you want to give them.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 39: Thinking of expanding into another market or another service in the fitness industry? Test the water without over committing. If your current business is working well, gradually expand into another, always keeping your core ‘money making’ operations there as a safety net. If the new venture works, then you can start to remove the net. The known is always safer than the unknown (but the unknown is much more fun – and not many successful businesses have always been safe!).

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 40: You need to create a marketing message that cant be ignored by your potential clients. You can do this in three steps. First, position the product in your target clients’ eyes. What type of client do you target? What can you do for that client? How do you do it? How do you do it better than your competitors? Next, you need you have some sort of motivating message that gets your positioning across. Finally you need a big idea – something different that will cause the potential client to take action to get your services.

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Dan Williams is the Founder and Director of Range of Motion. He is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Exercise Rehabilitation Science. Dan is a CrossFit Coach (at CF Games Level) and four time CrossFit Regionals Athlete.