Quick Marketing Tips For Fitness Pros, Part 5

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 41: We worked external marketing strategies, including advertising must leave your potential clients wanting more. If they want more, their only option is to contact you, and suddenly a stranger becomes a potential client. Your promotional material should promise something – something people really want (not what you think they want). The only way for them to find out how this promise will be fulfilled is to contact you.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 42: Your potential target market is huge. Almost everyone cares about their health. Your competition is also huge. What isn’t as big is QUALITY competition. Improve the quality of your Personal Training business and you are suddenly competing with far fewer rivals, but have just as many potential clients.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 43: Marketing can be expensive – but online social networking is free! Utilise online marketing techniques through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or others. People will ‘share’, ‘recommend’ or ‘tweet’ about your services. They will market for you. People know people. Plant the seed and your brand awareness will grow. Maintain the online presence by constantly posting, updating and evolving. People get bored quickly, especially online. Feed their need for change and you’ll stay at the forefront of their minds.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 44: Marketing is predictable. Great marketing is unpredictable. With the amount of competition in the Personal Training industry, if you cant surprise your potential clients then your message will blur into the rest of the marketing mediocrity. Examine what your competition is doing, then do the opposite. If people aren’t expecting something they take more notice of it. Predictable, stock standard marketing messages and images mean that any clients you get will be purely by chance. Remove chance – surprise your potential clients and stand out.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 45: Any external marketing you do should demand some sort of reaction from your target clients. Whether it evokes an emotion, makes them think, makes them laugh or encourages them to do something, it must create a response. People don’t remembers ads, but they do remember the reaction they had. This reaction in turn reminds them of the ad that caused the reaction. By creating interactive marketing people will respond. If they respond they’re more likely to take that next step and become a client.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 46: Marketing isn’t just about getting new clients – it’s about keeping old ones. Create such an insanely high level of service, and such an insanely good product that you become indispensible.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 47: Try writing down as many ideas as you can to get your marketing message across to your target clients. Go so far outside the box that you cant even see the box anymore. So far outside that you cant even remember what a box looks like. Seriously – go nuts. If you think advertising on the moon would work, then write it down. Chances are, one of our ideas might just be crazy enough to work!

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 48: Marketing is a high competition game. Not only are your potential clients exposed to thousands of marketing messages every day, but more and more of these are for services that compete with your own. You have three options for making your message heard. Spend more money (yea right!), communicate better, or be more clever. Cross off option 1 – not an option. Your marketing needs to appeal to your client (be better communicated) by being clever. Think outside the box. Go crazy.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 49: Conduct an ‘Influence Points Analysis’ on your clients. List all the ways that your client interacts with you and your PT business. Ever single detail. Make sure each of these dealings is portraying the type of business you want to create. Then make sure that the message is consistent. All dealings should convey the same message.

Fitness Professional Marketing Tip Number 50: Most people make the mistake of having two different hats – a marketing hat and a business systems hat. It’s fine to have two hats, as long as you’re wearing them both at the same time. Your business systems are not only vital to your marketing, they ARE your marketing. The mistake is focusing on the business from an internal viewpoint, and the marketing from an external (client based) viewpoint. Fix this mistake by looking at the whole thing from the perspective of the client.

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Dan Williams is the Founder and Director of Range of Motion. He is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Exercise Rehabilitation Science. Dan is a CrossFit Coach (at CF Games Level) and four time CrossFit Regionals Athlete.