Take a Wrecking Ball to Your Pantry

Yesterday someone asked me if I do 'pantry makeovers'. I thought for a second and replied... why do you have a pantry?

We follow our standard nutritional recommendation:

"...we can surmise that a modern diet should comprise of the closest modern equivalent to "animals caught via hunting, and uncultivated plant foods from gathering.

There are three macronutrients; Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat. Each of these must be present in every meal consumed. We are selective however about the types of foods that fit these categories. Protein: Lean and unmodified animal protein. Carbohydrates: Unprocessed. Nothing that comes from a packet, box or bag. Fresh sources with a short shelf life. Usually need refrigerating to keep fresh. Should all come from traditionally uncultivated sources. Fat: Minimally refined sources of animal and plant fat."

I have since thought a little bit more about pantrys. I don't have a pantry. I have a small cupboard. In this cupboard, I keep nuts, seeds, olive oil, tins of crushed tomatoes, tins of tuna. I also have a shelf for spices/herbs etc. This cupboard doesn't have to be big. It certainly doesn't have to be a pantry.

I think I probably could do a pantry makeover... though it would involve putting a wrecking ball through the side of your house. Now, I'd be fine with this, but there is always the inherent danger that I could clip your fridge on the way through, and this would make me feel terrible. For the fridge is where your food SHOULD live. Your fridge houses the fresh meat, seafood, poultry, the veggies, fruit... healthy stuff.

So with the wrecking ball option out of the question for fear of damaging your whitegoods, I turned my mind to other possible uses for your pantry once you throw away everything in it. 

  • A place to keep your sandbags/kettlebells.
  • Convert it to a drying room for making biltong and other dried meats.
  • A place to lock your friends who think that squatting is bad for your knees.
  • A place to lock your friends so they cannot get distracted while you talk to them about CrossFit.

Any other suggestions? Post your best 'pantry conversion' idea to comments.

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Dan Williams

Dan Williams is the Founder and Director of Range of Motion. He is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Exercise Rehabilitation Science. Dan is a CrossFit Coach (at CF Games Level) and four time CrossFit Regionals Athlete.


  1. Would that wrecking ball work on moths and weevils?

  2. A pantry has two uses. To brew beer and to grow mushrooms. I mean do you really have to ask?!?

  3. Wine storage

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