Exercise for Chronic Disease

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Range of Motion utilises exercise as a treatment for complex chronic diseases and disorders.

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Our Philosophy.

As with any treatment plan (whether it be drug based or otherwise), exercise can be specifically prescribed based on a medical diagnosis. Range of Motion’s principle desire to transport our clients and the population as a whole along a continuum of ‘sickness’, ‘wellness’ and ‘fitness’ can be applied to such diagnoses.

We approach chronic conditions from two fronts:

  1. Specific rehabilitation for the condition.
  2. Modification of exercise to limit the effect of injury on a healthy lifestyle and exercise training.

Program and session structure.

We take an individualised approach to treating chronic conditions, prescribing exercise specifically for the needs of the individual. All sessions are one-on-one with one of our Exercise Physiologists, Exercise Scientists or coaches.

Conditions we work with.

Cardiovascular Disease:

Pulmonary Disease:

Metabolic Disease:

Immunological Disorders:

Orthopaedic Disease:

Neuromuscular and Degenerative Disorders:

Cognitive and Psychological Disorders:

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