For Insurers

Range of Motion works closely with General Practitioners and their patients to maximise exercise related outcomes. 

More details can be found on our Clinic page, with links to both our Chronic Disease and Injury Rehabilitation branches.

Six key specialisms support Range of Motion's service.

  1. Promoting long term exercise independence rather than continued dependence.
  2. Educating our clients—giving them control over their condition through understanding.
  3. The highest standards of insurance reporting, linking objective and subjective measures with specific work related requirements, rather than meaningless measurements for the sake of measurements.
  4. High levels of communication with other members of the treatment team.
  5. Functional exercise programming with exercises emulating physical occupational requirements.
  6. Treating the underlying causes of dysfunction rather than the symptoms.

Our services include.

  • WorkCover WA, Income Protection, Workers Compensation, Return to Work and Work Hardening: We prescribe focused and individually tailored programs targeting occupational specific requirements. We work closely with the client’s GP and Case Manager to deliver physical re-conditioning leading to blanket improvement across the ten components of fitness.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: We provided graded rehabilitation programs for clients who have suffered a motor vehicle accident. These services are claimable through the respective insurer. 

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