CrossFit Competition - The Sport of Fitness

Range of Motion's CrossFit competition team is a group of athletes united by their desire to pursue CrossFit as the Sport of Fitness. This team exists to achieve top-of-podium finishes in local competition and qualification for CrossFit Regionals and Games level competition.

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Competition Team Development.

Range of Motion has a strong competition team and a well developed heirarchy of progression. This plan applies to a very small segment of the total clientele at Range of Motion. It does not represent the masses, nor does it imply any diminished importance for those people to whom the plan does not directly relate. Range of Motion’s model will remain firmly in the domain of individual attention, care and consideration – this plan simply addresses a certain segment of this total population, those in our Exercise Branch who choose to pursue The Sport of Fitness.

Competition Team Performance Culture.

We place a very high degree of importance on the individual and foster a culture of improvement and performance. We continually measure and reward performance, and the achievement of the standards we set.

Competition Team Programming.

Our competition team athletes all follow individualised programming using our specialised programming software My Fitness File. Our programming is all inclusive, 100% unique and individualised, and biased towards areas of weakness and deficiency in exercises, time domains and skills. We tailor for the required outcomes of all levels, from recreational exercisers to top level competitors. We use My Fitness File’s analysis and periodised programming tools to provide a clear training direction to our clients. We are outcome based, tracking progress and ensuring our clients get maximium returns. 

Competition Focus.

We highly encourage our athletes to compete in local and CrossFit sanctioned competitions. CrossFit and Functional Fitness is our sport, and competing in these events allows us to play our sport, not just train it. It is an opportunity to fill the competitive void and prove our training.

Team Dynamic.

Regardless of our strong focus on individual success, the team dynamic within Range of Motion is considerable. Our top athletes train together and share a common bond forged by shared time in the trenches. We place paramount importance on this team dynamic and unity. It is the responsibility of every member of the team to take a vested interest in every other member of the team. In this way, we multiply the number of people assisting in the development of each athlete.

Support Network.

Our athletes have an extensive support network within the Range of Motion community. This support structure provides a strong base for athletic development and allows our competitors to focus on the training and improvement.

World Class Leadership.

Our competition team is lead by Dan Williams, Director of Range of Motion. It is Dan's responsibility to leave no stone unturned to maximise the performance of all our athletes.

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