How Does Range of Motion CrossFit Work?

Range of Motion is different. We embrace these differences. Join us for a look at the inner workings of Range of Motion as we walk you through the Range of Motion that our clients experience.

Our points of difference are our science-based technical expertise, and completely individualised and one-on-one personal attention and care - all driven by a strong community. Range of Motion specialises in the creation of happy, healthy, highly performing individuals.

Let's explore some of these key differences in detail:

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Individualised exercise prescription and programming.

Every client of Range of Motion follows a different training program. To allow for the individualisation of programming for large and diverse groups of individuals, we created My Fitness File. This software allows individualised weakness eradication programming to develop healthier and more highy performing individuals. Learn more about My Fitness File.

Our programming is all inclusive, 100% unique and individualised, and biased towards areas of weakness and deficiency in exercises, time domains and skills. We tailor for the required outcomes of all levels, from recreational exercisers to top level competitors. We use My Fitness File’s analysis and periodised programming tools to provide a clear training direction to our clients. We are outcome based, tracking progress and ensuring our clients get maximium returns. 

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One-on-one sessions.

One-on-one sessions are the vehicle for prescribing our individualised programming.

Every single client at Range of Motion will work one-on-one with one of our coaches once, twice or three times a week. Your coach is also your personal 'manager', and is responsible for managing your exercise external to your one-on-one sessions. Outside these one-on-one sessions, the majority of our clients take advantage of our membership option, which gives them the full 'Range of Motion Experience', including full access to Range of Motion. You can learn more about this membership option here. Each of these sessions will be individually programmed as prescribed by My FItness File, with your coach guiding you through the entire process. There is no 'CrossFit WOD' (Workout of the Day) at Range of Motion - we may have more than 50 different sessions programmed every day for different athletes. We refer to our exercise as 'training sessions'. The emphasis on 'training' refers to the pursuit of a future event, be it improved health, performance or both.

Our clients arrive at least 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment time. Prior to commencing their work with a coach, individuals complete the Range of Motion Pre- Exercise Routine. This is a specifically formulated routine to prepare your body for the movements your session will contain, eradicating common faults before they emerge, activating the required structures and mobilising areas that may impede efficient movement. Just like our training, these Pre- and Post- Exercise Routines are specifically tailored for the individual. Following the completion of the Pre- Exercise Routine, clients spend 30 minutes with their coach.

We work on a systemised process, valuing sound and safe mechanics of movement over intensity. We work through an ordered progression from mechanics to consistency, then intensity.

Upon completing this session you will spend at least 15 minutes working through the Range of Motion Post- Exercise Routine, mobilising the structures trained and encouraging healthy recovery. The specific movements completed here will be based on the findings of the Movement Screening you will have completed as part of your intitial sessions.

Often a coach will prescribe additional work, based on a weakness or current area of focus. This may include the completion of Range of Motion's Exercise Improvement Programs. It is not uncommon for our clients to be at Range of Motion for more than two hours at a time; mobilising, training, practicing skills, impromptu work with other athletes on common areas of focus, encouraging other ROMMERs, and just generally hanging out with friends.

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Complete aftercare, personal attention and treatment.

The individualised care and attention received from a member of the Range of Motion team is second to none. Think of your coach as your health and fitness manager - not just during your sessions, but in all health facets of your life. We’re always there and always helping. Our staff are all really really good people. You'll notice we call the people at Range of Motion 'clients', not 'members'. We think the big difference is in the relationship. The relationship we have with our clients is much closer than what we’d call a ‘member’. A member is just part of something. Our clients are loyal and come to us for advice and solutions – tailored to their own very unique needs.

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Science-based technical expertise.

Everything we do has got its foundations in science. Evidence based, research supported, replicable, repeatable, science. The cool thing with science is that it allows us to predict the results of our actions. In this way, if we know what we want (happiness, health, fitness, performance or whatever), we can work backwards to work out what we need to do to get there. Our coaches are highly educated and professional. We have Exercise Physiologists, Exercise Scientists, Physiotherapists and Trainers. We have specialists in the fields of CrossFit, gymnastics, Olympic Lifting, swimming, injury rehabilitation and chronic conditions. You can find our comprehensive Professional Development program here.

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At the foundation of everything we do is a supportive community sharing common values and goals, be they related to health, performance or both.

We consider it the personal responsibility of all clients of Range of Motion to take a vested interest in the efforts and achievements of every other client. This team dynamic creates a highly supportive environment conducive to the pursuit of happiness, health, fitness and high physical performance.

We conduct community events on a weekly basis. Our clients become close friends, both inside and outside Range of Motion's walls.

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We believe it is very important that our clients are given ownership over their actions. We’re in the business of behaviour change. We help people change their behaviours to create a more happy, healthy and positive outcome. And one of the big things that creates behaviour change is knowledge. We want our clients to not just know WHAT they should be doing, but to UNDERSTAND WHY they should be doing it. Through our Education Branch, seminars and workshops are a regular occurance at Range of Motion and are an integral part of our clients' development. These events may run from impromptu workshops on individual movements, through to in-depth seminars on broader concepts.

Clients have access to an extensive range of resources on the Resource Page of our website.

We communicate upcoming events and internal information through our private Facebook page and regular e-newsletters.

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CrossFit Competition, The Sport of Fitness.

As well as chasing health, we focus some of our attention on CrossFit competition, on both a local and national level. Our elite level competitors have competed as individuals or as part of a team in The CrossFit Regionals every year since 2010. 2015 saw our team place second in The Open in the Pacific Region (Australia, New Zealand, Asia) and 9th in the Pacific Regional.

Competitions allow us to bond as a team, test our fitness against our competition and partake in CrossFit as a 'sport' rather than just a way of exercising. CrossFit competitions are open to all levels and abilities and we're yet to hear of anyone regretting taking part. Range of Motion has a competitive squad that is always looking for new teammates. 

Range of Motion's CrossFit competition team is a group of athletes united by their desire to pursue CrossFIt as their sport at the highest level. This team exists to achieve top-of-podium finishes in local competition and qualification for Regionals and Games level competition. More details on our pursuit of CrossFit as a sport can be found here.

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