Individuals with a Disability

Based in Perth, Western Australia, the 'Range Of Motion Individuals with a Disability Program' is an inclusive program for individuals that have physical and/or intellectual impairment.

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Specialist staff and programs.

Our program and coaching staff are experienced in dealing with athletes with Down Syndrome, Intellectual Impairment, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Hearing and Sight Impairment, loss of a limb or limbs and many other special needs. 

Coaching staff are trained and experienced in modifying movements and exercises for the Individuals with a Disability to best suit their fitness needs.

Exercise environment.

Our positive training environment encourages athletes to improve their fitness and strength through fun and challenging movements.

Program benefits.

The positives of this style of training for health extend broadly to favourable changes in self confidence, body composition, posture and musculo-skeletal health and extensive psychological benefit. We shift the focus from aesthetics to personal performance improvement.

For Athletes with a Disability, The ROMIWD program has a powerful effect on improving performance in the athlete's chosen sport, be it at a school, club, state or national level. All sessions are individually prescribed and tailored to the unique needs of the individual.


In addition to exercise training, our health curriculum educates our clients on our syllabus of healthy nutrition, healthy body image, the importance of mobility, stretching and injury prevention.

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