PNF For Performance

TYPE: Workshop

LENGTH: Two hours

TARGET: Athletes, Crossfitters and Coaches

COST: $800

CONTENT: This practical workshop will teach attendees Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation techniques to maximise performance. A complete theory session is also included to uncover the mechanical workings behind this technique of release and improved force development. All seminar material will be provided to attendees. Content includes:

  • How PNF increases strength, speed and useable flexibility.
  • Explanation of the 'length-tension' curve and how we can use this knowledge to maximise performance.
  • The four stages in PNF: Antagonist contraction (opposite muscle to the one being stretched), Static stretch, Agonist contraction (the muscle being stretched), Static stretch.
  • Description of reciprocal inhibition.
  • Practical application of PNF on a partner, including (but not limited to) PNF of the hamstrings, glutes, adductors, hip flexors, gastrocs and soleus, pecs, internal and external rotators of the shoulder, extensors of the shoulder.

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