Assessing and Correcting Movement

TYPE: Workshop

LENGTH: Two hours

TARGET: Coaches and CrossFitters

COST: $800

CONTENT: This practical workshop will teach attendees to assess ther own movement and that of others. Based on this assessment, conclusions can be drawn about musculo-skeletal health and specific corrective prescriptions can be made. Attendees will leave with not only an in depth knowledge of the processes involved, but also a plan for personal movement correction. All seminar material will be provided to attendees. Content includes:

  • An introduction to the three stage model of assessment, identification and correction.
  • The basics of static posture, including assessment and identification.
  • Assessment of key movements, including (but not limited to) the squat, deadlift and press (attendee will be taught to complete).
  • Identification of musculo-skeletal factors impairing the key movements (attendee will be taught to complete).
  • Prescription of specific exercises and strategies to correct underlying musculo-skeletal dysfunction (attendee will be taught to complete).
  • An introduction to proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.
  • The theory and importance of specific movement therapy as well as general recovery as part of an effective post- exercise routine.
  • Personal musculo-skeletal correction.

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