CrossFit Competition Preparation

TYPE: Seminar

LENGTH: One hour

TARGET: Competitive Crossfitters and Coaches

COST: $400

CONTENT: A complete overview of the short term processes involved in competition preparation, from over a week out. We recommend booking this seminar two weeks out from a competition to allow competitors to utilise the information presented. All seminar material will be provided to attendees. Content includes:

  • Final skill development strategies for the week of competition.
  • Final week training plan, including types of sessions to complete and when to complete them.
  • Final week nutrition and hydration guidlines.
  • Final week mobilisation guidlines.
  • Taper plan.
  • Developing effective sleep patterns in the days before a competition.
  • Developing your pre-game routine.
  • Mental strategies for any workouts released early, with a particular emphasis on pre-game mental rehearsal.
  • Developing a strategy for any workouts released early.
  • Competition day nutritional guidlines.

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