How to Become an Elite CrossFitter

TYPE: Keynote

LENGTH: Three hours

TARGET: CrossFitters and Coaches

COST: $1200

CONTENT: This is an in depth and detailed keynote which covers the multiple facets of elite CrossFit performance. Targeted at competitive CrossFitters and those who want to see rapid improvements, this keynote covers all bases to expose athletes and coaches to all areas of performance maximisation. All seminar material will be provided to attendees. Content includes:


  • A method for improvement of complex skills.
  • A method for weakness eradication.
  • Cycling session types to maximise volume and intensity without overtraining.
  • Become a more adaptable athlete by varying training stimulus.
  • How to game workouts for maximum performance.
  • The importance of occasional overtraining.
  • A template for correcting musculo-skeletal factors limiting performance.
  • A method for maximising recovery.
  • Working around injury.
  • PNF techniques to increase force generation.
  • Competition preparation.
  • Game day routine and nutrition.
  • Performance psychology.

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