Programming Philosophies

TYPE: Seminar

LENGTH: Two hours

TARGET: Coaches and Self Programmed Athletes

COST: $800

CONTENT: This seminar will cover the entire process of programming for CrossFit athletes. We will begin with a macro view of long term periodised training and narrow our focus right down to the individual workout. All seminar material will be provided to attendees. Content includes:

  • Periodisation for CrossFitters with a known target peak.
  • Weakness eradication techniques for bodyweight, barbell or work capacity deficits.
  • Weakness eradication techniques for skill development.
  • Cycling training stimulus to minimise neuromuscular fatigue.
  • Programming around injury.
  • Session types to include in training.
  • Session ratios for each phase of training.
  • Constructing an individual session.
  • Competition tapering.
  • Finding the 'sweet spot' of training by overtraining.
  • The use and overuse of scaling.
  • Creating adaptable athletes by varying training stimuli.

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