Recovery Maximisation

TYPE: Seminar

LENGTH: One hour

TARGET: Athletes, Crossfitters and Coaches

COST: $400

CONTENT: A complete practical template for maximising recovery from intense exercise. The theory of multiple modes of recovery are covered, as well as the practical applications of each. All seminar material will be provided to attendees. Content includes:

  • Nutrition guidlines to maximise muscle and nervous system recovery, and encourage the maintenance of a favourable omega 3:6 profile.
  • Using correct hydration to reduce instances of thermal stress, low plasma volume, premature fatigue and other major markers of impaired recovery.
  • Normalising hormose levels through correct sleep.
  • The importance and use of rest days.
  • The importance and use of deloading.
  • Programming strategies to maximise recovery.
  • The use of cryotherapy.
  • Exact guidlines for post exercise nutrition and the science behind this strategy.
  • Fish oil supplementation.
  • The use of pre- and post- exercise routines, particularly the two-pronged approach of movement therapy and recovery following intense training.

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