Patella Femoral Pain

The information is intended to inform and educate and is not a replacement for medical evaluation, advice, diagnosis or treatment by a healthcare professional. 


Patello-femoral pain is characterised by a dull ache, and sometimes sharp pain, under the kneecap. The knee may grate or grind. It becomes worse with use, or if the knee is kept in a bent position for extended periods of time.


Patello-femoral pain is caused by a malalignment of the kneecap—similar to a cars tyres being out of alignment.
If the muscle on the inside of the leg is weak, and the band on the outside is tight, the kneecap is pulled laterally (to the side), causing grating under the kneecap.

In some cases, patello-femoral pain is caused by faulty biomechanics, especially in the hips and feet.


  • Balance, proprioception and knee stability
  • Release illiotibial band.
  • Lower limb flexibility
  • Pelvic stability
  • Lower limb strength (esp inner range quads)


The following exercises are general in nature. While they are the typical exercises used to treat patello-femoral pain, your individual case may be different. There is no replacement for an individualised assessment and rehabilitation prescription.