Pricing Policy

Every single client at Range of Motion works one-on-one with one of our coaches once, twice or three times a week. This allows us to maintain a consistently high quality of service across the board. Session costs vary from coach to coach, ranging from $45 to $60 per session.

The majority of our clients also train outside their one-on-one sessions. Your individual coach acts as a 'manager', managing your training outside of your one-on-one contact. For $25 per week (family/partner discounts apply), 'ROM Plus' entitles you to the full Range of Motion experience:

  • Full access to Range of Motion during our opening hours.
  • Subscription to My Fitness File (this is still included for those only seeing a coach).
  • Free practical workshops every week at multiple (minimum of two) time options weekly ($25 for non members).
  • Free entry to all bimonthly Range of Motion Education seminars run by Dan Williams ($60 for non members).
  • Discounted rates on all Range of Motion Education seminars run by external presenters.
  • Group Saturday morning training sessions run monthly ($25 for non members).
  • Continued 24/7 support from Dan Williams outside one-on-one sessions.
  • Full onsite coaching in all competitions (local, national and international where appropriate) by a Range of Motion coach, and full event preparation.
  • 10% discount on Range of Motion Olympic Weightlifting classes.
  • 10% discount on Range of Motion Olympic gymnastics classes.
  • 10% discount for all services at ‘Formotion Physiotherapy’ (at Range of Motion).
  • 10% discount for all services at ‘Your Body Massage Therapy’ (at Range of Motion).
  • Injury consult with Dan when required with individualised rehab program set-up.
  • Exclusive access to all extra programming (including competition specific programming and CrossFit Open programming).
  • One-on-one goal setting sessions where required and ongoing support.
  • Discounted member rates on Range of Motion social events.
  • Exclusive access to members only programs and initiatives, including the Range of Motion Nutrition Alliance, Training Consistency Support Project and Exercise Improvement Project (charges to apply to non members).

Family/partner discounts:

Discounts apply for immediate family members or partners with a $5 weekly discount for each additional family member:

  • One person: $25
  • Two: $45 (25+20) $22.50 each.
  • Three: $60 (25+20+15) $20 each.
  • Four: $70 (25+20+15+10) $17.50 each.

Paying for 'ROM Plus':

ROM Plus can be paid by setting up a regular weekely payment (Monday) for $25 (or the equivelent family/partner discount). Please use ‘surname ROM Plus’ as the item description and BSB 186 200 and Account Number 122 091 556.

Dan Williams' one-on-one session pricing:

Number of sessions Total cost Cost per session
1 $60 $60
20 $1200 $60
40 $2300 $57.5
60 $3300 $55