Range of Motion One-on-One Kids Sessions

The Range of Motion Kids program is an Exercise Physiologist designed template focussing on one-on-one appointments for primary aged children and younger.

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Range of Motion Kids focuses on two primary groups of children.

  1. Children with normal developmental levels looking to develop a solid foundation of coordination and motor control across broad movement based domains.
  2. Children with developmental and milestone abnormalities.

Our program aims to:

  • Correct developmental abnormalities and restore the child to expected age-related milestones.
  • Development of the ten general physical skills; cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, power, speed, flexibility, agility, accuracy, balance, and coordination.
  • Foster an enjoyment of exercise and create positive exercise associations for future physical activity. Achieved through an outcome based syllabus ‘hidden’ in game and play based activities.
  • Create a social environment where children can develop physically alongside peers of similar physical capacities. Through this, the development of improved self efficacy and self esteem.
  • Achieve a level of proficiency where the child can partake in standard school and club based sport.
  • Prescribe individualised home based exercises (where appropriate) to develop basic foundation movement patterns.
  • Create long term positive functional movement patterns in fundamental movements: squat, lift, throw, climb, jump, crawl, roll, push, pull etc.
  • Develop basic sports based skills, including throwing, catching, hitting, kicking.
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