Range Of Motion Kids Classes

Range of Motion Kids classes develop lifelong healthy habits, fitness and health education in a fun and immersive environment.

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The Range of Motion Kids Program is a small group (maximium five children, ages 5-13) class, which runs once a week during term time. 

Developed by an Exercise Physiologist, the program combines physical exercise with age-appropriate classroom based sessions where children are educated to create healthy lifelong habits in exercise and nutrition. Children develop all components of fitness, including strength, coordination, endurance, speed, power, stamina, flexibility and mobility – with technique and movement quality given paramount importance.

The Range of Motion Kids Program fosters an enjoyment of exercise and creates positive exercise associations for future physical activity. We create a highly social environment where children can develop physically alongside peers of similar physical capacities, experiencing improvements in physical ability, self confidence, self esteem, body composition, posture, musculo-skeletal health and psychological health.

Classes are lead by Dina Steens. Dina has worked extensively with children, from toddlers to teens, particularly in the field of gymnastics. She believes childhood development is the key to both mental and physical health.

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