Range of Motion Youth Academy

The Range of Motion Youth Academy (ROMYA) is an all-inclusive health and fitness academy for young men and young women of all levels aged 14-17.

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Program structure.

ROMYA is developed by an Exercise Physiologist and Accredited Exercise Scientist and is an initiative of ‘Range of Motion CrossFit’. The Academy develops in students all components of fitness, including strength, coordination, endurance, speed, power, stamina, flexibility and mobility. ROMYA is an ongoing program structured around one-on-one sessions. All sessions are individually prescribed and tailored to the unique needs of each student. They are run by highly qualified coaches who provide a fun and motivational environment.

Elements of the program.

Our instruction and prescription of exercise draws widely from elements of gymnastics, sport, Olympic and power lifting, athletics (track and field), bodyweight calisthenics and numerous other disciplines. We provide students with a wide exposure to multiple disciplines. In these fields, we place paramount importance on technique. We adhere strictly to a hierarchy of progression, from mechanics to consistency to intensity. One must be present before the next can exist.

Program benefits.

The positives of this style of training for health extend broadly to favourable changes in self confidence, body composition, posture and musculo-skeletal health and extensive psychological benefit. We shift the focus from aesthetics to personal performance improvement. The Academy has a powerful effect on improving performance in the student's chosen sport, be it at a school, club, state or national level.

Further learning.

In addition to exercise training, our health curriculum educates our ROMYA students on our syllabus of healthy nutrition, healthy body image, the importance of mobility, stretching and injury prevention.

ROMYA lays the foundation for lifelong healthy habits.


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