Range of Motion Youth Academy Syllabus


The Range of Motion Youth Academy (ROMYA) is an all-inclusive health and fitness academy for young men and women of all levels aged 14-17.

In addition to the exercise training that forms the mainstay of ROMYA, our students are educated on the basics of exercise science, nutrition and healthy lifestyle.  Our syllabus acts as a guide for this education, paving the way for lifelong healthy habits.


Range of Motion Model of Health:

Understand and be able to explain the Range of Motion Model of Health, and apply it to identifying areas which the student can improve to maximise their own health.

Range of Motion’s Exercise Philosophy:

Understand and be able to explain Range of Motion’s philosophy on exercise as it extends to ‘general physical preparedness’, ‘intensity’, ‘real movements’ and ‘variation’.

Range of Motion’s Official Position on Nutrition:

Understand and be able to explain Range of Motion’s official position on nutrition, including the evolutionary biology behind our recommendations. Understand the importance of the balance and source of macronutrients, including the rationale behind lean protein sources and unrefined foodstuffs. Be able to practically apply this knowledge to the benefit of health.

Physical Competency:

Be able to perform Olympic and power lifting including the squat, deadlift, press, clean, jerk and snatch with a high level of skill. Be able to perform bodyweight and gymnastics movements including floor, bar, rope and gymnastic ring work.

Understand the importance of intensity as an important variable in maximising the effect of exercise on health and fitness.

Mobility and Recovery:

Learn the pre- and post- exercise routines for the various movements we perform. Understand their importance for ensuring quality of movement and injury prevention. Understand the importance of mobility for exercise and health. Know and be able to apply various modes of recovery to maximise the effect of exercise.

Exercise Programming:

Understand the science behind session construction and long term programming.

Exercise Science:

Understand the basics of human anatomy and physiology, including how energy is produced to create movement.

Continued Education:

Show an eagerness to further develop knowledge base through regular reading of new Range of Motion Blog posts and regular browsing of the Range of Motion Blog back catalogue.