Individualised CrossFit Programming

Dan Williams provides 100% Individualised CrossFit Programming to cater for your specific goals. Detailed and all-inclusive weekly remote CrossFit Programming and one-on-one athlete care - completely unique to you.


Programming Features:

  • Biased towards YOUR goals and weaknesses.
  • 100% programmed for YOU. NO ONE else follows your unique programming - constructed for you every week.
  • Individualised weakness-based periodisation.
  • Unlimited access and communication with your coach, Dan Williams.
  • COMPLETE programming with all work capacity, Olympic lifting, power lifting and gymnastic elements.
  • Skill development and practice sessions.
  • Goal and weakness specific accessory work.
  • Session-specific pre- exercise routines, movement therapy and recovery work programmed daily.
  • Extra swimming, plyometrics, sprint and agility training options all included.
  • Unlimited weekly video analyses of your lifts and movements.
  • Round-the-clock online access to your coach, weekly video Q&A session, private Facebook group.
  • Proven methodologies.



How Does it Work?

  1. Complete our detailed questionnaire to tell us your strengths, weaknesses, goals and individual requirements.
  2. We get to work profiling you as an athlete, and create a program biased towards your unique needs. We begin with start of cycle testing.
  3. Every week we construct and email you your all inclusive individualised program (view a sample), which evolves as you develop and improve.
  4. Your program draws from Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting, gymnastics, work capacity, skill development and accessory work – all tailored to you. Extra credit swimming, plyometric, agility and sprint sessions are included weekly to maximise your development. All pre- exercise routines, movement therapy and recovery work is included, keeping your body healthy, moving well and injury free.
  5. You have full online access to your coach, weekly video analyses, weekly live video Q&A session and a private Facebook group.
  6. Post training cycle testing measures improvement and we construct you a detailed performance report before evolving your program.


Featured Athletes:

2x CrossFit Games Champion, CrossFit Lift-off Champion, 4x CrossFit Regionals Athlete.

"I receive Dan’s detailed and highly individualised programming weekly. It contains everything I need to become a better and more complete athlete. His incredible depth of knowledge of both the art and science of programming played a deciding part in my successes in the CrossFit Games.'' 

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3x CrossFit Games Athlete, CrossFit Regionals Champion, CrossFit Invitational Athlete - Team Pacific.

"After he coached me to a CrossFit Regionals win and The CrossFit Games, I re-approached Dan after coming out of retirement. Dan's program has been monumental in allowing me to create a work/life balance while still prioritising my health and qualifying for The CrossFit Games."

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About the Coach - Dan Williams:

Dan Williams is an Exercise Physiologist, Exercise Scientist and CrossFit Affiliate Owner. Dan has the combination of experience and expertise to create the highest quality of programming. He is a three-time CrossFit Games coach (Helen Harding 40-44 Masters Champion, 2016 & 2017 and Denae Brown, 2014, 2017), four-time CrossFit Regionals coach, and four-time CrossFit Regionals athlete. Dan is the Director of Range of Motion, Co-Director of Fitness Educators, and Co-Director of My Fitness File. He has a Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Health Science) and a Postgraduate Bachelor of Exercise Rehabilitation Science, with minors in Biomechanics and Sport Psychology.

How to get started:

Range of Motion Individualised Programming is available at $60 (Australian) per week. You can begin the process by filling out our programming questionnaire. If you have any questions, email

Photo credit: The CrossFit Games