Elbow Musculature Release

  • Place the arm palm up over a shoulder height barbell.
  • Beginning at the elbow, apply downward pressure causing the tricep to press into the barbell.
  • Flex and extend the elbow.
  • Work your way up the tricep.


Exercise Categories: 

  1. Use a strip of elastic banding to bind the elbow, covering a span of at least  20cm (best completed by a partner).
  2. Spend a minimum of 60 seconds flexing and extending the elbow and pronating and supinating the wrist (turning the palm up and down).
  3. Repeat for the other elbow.


Exercise Categories: 

  1. Lie on your front and rest the sleeve of an empty barbell on your forearm (palm down).
  2. Using your other hand, roll the barbell from your wrist to your elbow.

Key points:

  • Hold the barbell over tight points in the muscle until they relax.
  • If you need to vary the angle of release rotate the forearm slightly.

Dose: Until released.

Exercise Categories: