Announcing our 2018 Fitness Industry Professional Development Weekend.

Open to all Perth Health and Fitness Professionals, Trainers and Coaches. This intensive, information dense learning weekend will leave you with an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge and hundreds of practical applications in the fields of exercise, fitness and the business of being a Fitness Professional.

Invest in yourself and your business to supercharge your personal, professional and business development and take your value and expertise to a whole new level.

Presented by Dan Williams, Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist.

Saturday and Sunday 22nd-23rd September, 2018. 9am to 5pm each day.

Tickets purchased before 31st May: $549 (SAVE $150)
Tickets purchased before 30th June: $599 (save $100)
Tickets purchased before 31st July: $649 (save $50)
Regular Tickets: $699

Dan Williams


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