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Range of Motion Business Mentorships

We provide guidance and accountability to help Fitness Professionals and Fitness Business Owners build and develop a highly successful fitness business that supports their lifestyle and changes the lives of their clients.

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How does Range of Motion Business Mentoring Work?

One-on-one Business Consultations

As a Range of Motion Business Mentoring Client, you will work one-on-one with Dan Williams.

Consultation Outline

Each consultation will see you discussing the current obstacles faced by your business, and the initiatives to be undertaken to overcome them and further develop the business.

Action Steps

At the end of each consultation you will have a clearly defined set of action steps to take to implement the focus or strategy covered in that consultation.

Round-the-clock Access and Accountability

Between consults, you will have full access to Dan Williams, for both accountability and support in undertaking the actions discussed in your previous consultation.

Method of Delivery

This program is tailored to the unique business needs of, and challenges faced by, Fitness Professionals. These sessions can be conducted face-to-face or over a video call.

Who is Range of Motion Business Mentoring For?

Existing Business Owners Whose Businesses Have Plateaued

Feel like you’re working hard but not getting a financial return on all your effort? Business stagnating? Wondering if it’s all worth it? We can help.

New Business Owners

Skip the mistakes and let us help you build a successful long-term business from the ground up.

What Can Range of Motion Business Mentoring Help Me With?

Build Systems

Systemise and automate your business operations to free up your time and achieve exceptional business results.

Get More Clients

Client acquisition strategies and marketing implementation.

Business Growth

We work backwards from your long-term business vision to establish the steps and processes you need to take to create business and personal success.

Social Media Content Marketing and Automation

Learn how to create high quality social media content that positions you as a thought leader in the eyes of your potential clients.

Client Experience

We’ll help you design and implement a five star client experience that will feed you a regular stream of referrals.

Accountability and Productivity

We’ll hold you accountable to the tasks we set, and teach you productivity strategies to maximise your business growth.

We Are Proud To Have Worked With These Businesses

Our Clients Share How We’ve Helped Them

Nicki and Ange from Fitness Revolution came to ROMBM to help systemise their fitness business, and for help in managing a transition to new premises.

They’ve reaped a huge amount of value in the areas of marketing, systems and business automation.

Ash from Invoke Performance has benefitted from ROMBM in three primary ways:

Identifying and having a clear target demographic, and marketing to them to deliver solutions.

Leveraging and distributing content creation to position Ash as an expert in his field.

Systemising the business, from Ash’s own productivity, through to the client journey, to marketing, and content creation.

Jesse was feeling like her business was plateauing and her client lead numbers didn’t support the intended growth of the business.

Since working with Range of Motion Business Mentoring, Jesse’s blasted through this plateau and is well on the way to building the business of her dreams!

Christine and Brenton from Regen talk about how ROM Business Mentoring has helped them build a business in the online space.

The team at Regen have already seen a huge impact from the work they’ve been doing with ROMBM, particularly in establishing a strong business direction identifying and marketing to their target audience.

Emma fell pregnant and needed some accountability to create some much needed systems in her business.

She was sick of the business running her, and with an exciting life change on the way, has enjoyed taking back control.

We’ve been working with Dan on the systems and processes in his business, allowing him to take a step back from the daily grind of being a Fitness Professional to actually grow his business.

Dan has worked hard on improving the experience of his clients. As a result of the organisation and productivity strategies we’ve implemented, he feels less stress, more organised and ‘in control’. 

Lisa felt her business was stagnating and unsystemised.

She now feels like the business has more direction and organisation, and is becoming something that can support her desired lifestyle.

Lisa appreciates the constant support and guidance she gets from Dan at ROMBM as they build her business together.

The team from PrimeFit can to ROMBM when they were about the begin the process of purchasing an existing fitness business.

With ROMBM’s help, the team has developed core values, strengthened their gym culture and developed systems to automate the running of their business.

They’ve developed the foundations of long-term business success.

Ricky has benefitted from Dan’s experience – using the lessons from Dan’s past business mistakes to accelerate his own business development.

He appreciates the step-by-step process in building his business, but warns that the Mentoring doesn’t come without hard work!

Ricky says ROM Business Mentoring has been a ‘game changer’.

David sought out ROMBM’s help for both his bootcamp and to build an online fitness business.

Weekly catch-ups have given David a plan and an increased sense of focus. Prior to working with Range of Motion Business Mentoring, David was struggling with the direction of his business.

Thanks to a focus on his target demographic, and with increased focus on social media and content creation, Health Remodel now has a clearly defined destination.

Ruth from Mind Over Matter Health and Fitness came to use for guidance and accountability.

Since working with ROM Business Mentoring, Ruth’s productivity has gone through the roof. She’s set up business systems to automate her fitness business, and has set the foundation for long term business success.

Bryn appreciates the individualised approach, and how the mentoring is specific to his unique needs.

In eight months Bryn has completely revamped his business, as delivered a ‘ten-fold’ experience to his clients, and his client base has tripled.

Ryan believes his business, Ludus Sports Performance, was on downward spiral.

He came to Dan from ROMBM to turn the business around.

Now, Ryan and the team at Ludus are excited about the future of their business!

Although he’s been a Fitness Professional for many years, Sam is new to the world of business.

ROMBM helped guide him through the transition from employee to business owner.

He came to Range of Motion Business Mentoring to develop clarity and direction, and learn from our experience in running a successful fitness business.

John from Aus Bootcamps can’t stress enough how much impact ROMBM has had on his business.

Aus Bootcamps is now fully systemised and is running like a well oiled machine – a direct results of the work John and ROMBM have put into his personal and business productivity.

We’ve also worked on overhauling Aus Bootcamps’ social media, leading to increase clients leads, and greater value for current clients.

As an accountability partner, John has found that Dan from ROMBM helps to keep him on task, and has noticed a rapid increase in business growth.

Working with ROMBM, Scott and Suze have identified their unique selling point and have realised that there were important business operations that they were missing.

They’ve started measuring and tracking KPIs in the business, which are giving a clear direction forward.

They feel their life has got easier due to the new systems they’re implementing.

ROMBM gave Gaurav direction and expert guidance on how to move his business online.

Gaurav has appreciated how clear and concise the advice has been, offering a clear and actionable path forward.

Chase now spends his time working ON the business, not just IN the business.

He has automated weekly tasks which has drastically freed up his time.

As a result he’s seen an increase in profit, with less hours of working.

Chase says that his only regret is that he didn’t start sooner!

Daniel has found the whole experience eye opening. He’s been encouraged to think outside the box, and has been challenged to ask better questions to get better answers.

He’s worked hard on creating systems which have increased the client experience.

With Dan’s help, Mark has fully systemised his business, which he feel allows him to now hit the ground running to make every day a win.

Mark has also used Dan as a ‘sounding board’ to bounce ideas off and assist in making crucial business decisions.

Kristi came to Dan for help to start a new business. She found that he was able to help her every step of the way, and appreciated that there was someone there to hold her hand through the process.

She’s built systems that have provided an amazing foundation for the future success of the business.

Sean is working with Dan to help stop the business from running his life. Sean has moved out of the role of ‘practitioner’ (working IN his business), into a ‘CEO Mindset’ – working ON his business.

Sean is now taking back control of his life, instead of it being controlled by his business.

Ellen has been working with Dan to streamline and systemise the business, so she can work ON it, not IN it.

As part of her work with ROMBM, Ellen has developed a clarity for the future direction of the business, and a plan for how to get there.

Ellen now has much more confidence in what she needs to do to make her business more successful.

Mario appreciates the individualised approach that has defined his experience with ROM Business Mentoring.

He also finds the external accountability is vital in ensuring he’s not only focusing on the right things, but also following them through to completion.

Animesh has had many mentors and many have told him WHAT to do. He has found that the benefit of working with Dan however has been in knowing HOW to actually make positive change in his business.

Pricing Options

Range of Motion Fitness Mentorships

We provide an immersive learning experience, shadowing and learning from industry leader, Dan Williams, as you work on the front line with him and his clients.

Check out the video to learn about how you can work with Dan Williams to improve your expertise as a Fitness Professional, or scroll down to learn more.

If you like what you see, contact us to arrange a time to catch up for a free, no obligation chat to discuss how we can help.

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What does the Fitness Mentorship Program involve?

The EXCLUSIVE one-on-one mentorship programs will comprise a combination of practical hours working closely with Dan (with his clients and athletes) and theory tutorials.

STRICTLY LIMITED TO ONE STUDENT AT A TIME. We offer four levels of mentorship, our intensive Platinum program and our Gold, Silver and Bronze Level programs.

To enquire, contact us here. Places are strictly limited and waiting lists may apply.

“This program has allowed me to take practical learnings and apply them to my training and coaching on a daily basis. Dan has challenged my thinking and it has inspired me to keep reading and learning every day.”

“For anyone new to training or coaching or doubting their abilities, take the leap and go on this program, you will come out the other end of the journey with a purpose, with excellent scientifically backed programming principles and a treasure chest of knowledge openly shared by Dan that will drive you to constantly think outside the box going forward.”

“This program is perfect for trainers looking to set themselves apart in a crowded industry.”

“This program has reminded me that every day is a school day when it comes to coaching. I loved every minute and have been inspired to get out there and build on the fantastic foundation I have been provided with.”

“It’s been a mind explosion.”

“You get to witness first hand, that with the correct scientifically backed programming and expert coaching, training really is accessible to everyone and can be tailored to individual needs and circumstances.”

“Dan’s specific knowledge and dedication to making sure every single client is achieving perfection and achieving goals through precise technique and form is beyond amazing.”

“It’s like taking that one perfect photo with multiple lenses – I now see how incorporating multiple methodologies over individual training sessions results in increased gains and positive outcomes.”

“Dan teaches you evidence based training, giving real-world skills you can use straight away.”

“Dan has helped me develop my coaching skills and increased my knowledge of applied exercise science.”

About Dan Williams

Dan Williams is the Director of Range of Motion and leads a team of Exercise Physiologists, Sports Scientists, Physiotherapists and Coaches. Dan is the Co-Director of both Fitness Educators, and My Fitness File. He has a Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Health Science) and a Postgraduate Bachelor of Exercise Rehabilitation Science from The University of Western Australia, with minors in Biomechanics and Sport Psychology.

Dan has coached and taught sport and exercise for over 17 years working with many thousands of individuals along the full health spectrum, from the chronically injured, diseased and deconditioned, through to elite athletes. He has extensive experience in clinical settings (chronic disease and musculoskeletal rehabilitation) and in human performance. Dan has conducted over 25,000 individual one-on-one sessions and consultations since he founded Range of Motion in 2006, and has overseen the prescription of over a quarter of a million exercise sessions.

Dan is a three-time CrossFit Games coach, four-time CrossFit Regionals coach, and four time CrossFit Regionals athlete. He has been involved with CrossFit since 2007, and has written for The CrossFit Journal.

As part of Range of Motion’s Education and Corporate branches, Dan regularly presents keynotes, seminars and workshops – using education as a foundation for behaviour change for thousands of people. He also mentors Fitness Professionals and runs Professional Development events within the fitness industry.

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