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Are you looking for an individualised approach to exercise, six minutes from the CBD in Osborne Park?

Our Personal Coaches specialise in delivering Exercise Physiologist designed programs and an exceptionally high level of care, in a safe and friendly environment.

We offer a free ‘Test Drive’ valued at $180 to see if we’re the right fit for you. Contact us to arrange a time to catch up and discuss how we can help, or scroll to learn more.

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Starting with Range of Motion is super simple.

Here’s the process.

STEP 1: Get in touch:

Reach out and let us know how we can help you. It’s our job to tailor our service to your needs.

STEP 2: We'll get back to you:

We’ll get back to you to organise a time to catch up that’s convenient for you, so we can get to know you.

STEP 3: Let's talk:

You’ll sit down for a chat with Dan. We’ll discuss how Range of Motion can help you and if we’re the right fit.

STEP 4: Get a taste:

We’ll arrange a complimentary 60 minute one-on-one session for you, so you can get a taste of how we roll.

STEP 5: Learn the basics:

Over your first few sessions, your coach will teach you all the basics, the foundation for your journey with us.

STEP 6: You're a 'ROMMER'!

Welcome! You’re now a ROMMER! Scroll down to learn more about how Range of Motion works.

How does Range of Motion work?

Are you the sort of person who believes your health and fitness deserves a tailored and specialised approach?

We realise that delivering you to where you want to go requires an individualised level of care. Our clients receive this care and quality approach through one-on-one sessions with their own personal coach at least once a week.

We understand that everyone has different obstacles to overcome and goals to achieve, so your exercise program is unique to you.

It’s constructed for you by an Exercise Physiologist and managed by your coach. You’ll follow your program during your one-on-one sessions, and also if you choose to train at Range of Motion outside these sessions, when you’ll have full access to our facility.

Though individualisation is important, we know that some benefits come only from building relationships and exercising with friends.

So we offer plenty of opportunities to do just that – and it’s a lot of fun! You’ll be surrounded by a happy and healthy community of people who share your values.

Interested in reading more about what we do differently?

We’ve written some articles on why we do things the way we do. You can check them all out here, or we’ve selected some we think you may be interested in below.

What Can Range of Motion Do For Me?

Where are you heading?

Picture yourself in three months. One year. Five years. Ten years. Really think about it. Where is your current path leading you? Now picture where you WANT to be. This is what Range of Motion can do for you.

Our Job.

It’s our job to take you from where you are to where you’re going. Moving along that continuum of health, happiness, fitness and performance.

Different Paths.

And because the destination is different for everyone, the journey must be different too. And this is where we excel. We provide a tailored and individualised solution – unique to your needs.

What's your story?

Whether you’re trying to build general health and fitness, improve your performance, treat an injury or condition, change your body, or simply feel better about yourself, we can help.

Long term change.

We believe in the power of long term change. We believe that small, healthy habits, performed consistently can have a massive impact.

Our mission.

Our mission is to build happier, healthier, fitter and more highly performing people, communities and generations.

Our core values define our culture…

and are a compass for everything we do.

Core Value 1:

Pursue and celebrate growth and achievement.

Core Value 2:

Evolve thinking and behaviour through the sharing of science based knowledge.

Core Value 3:

Forge meaningful and significant relationships.

Core Value 4:

Be accountable and responsible for building habits of excellence in ourselves and others.

Core Value 5:

Provide a caring, safe, inclusive and supportive environment.

Core Value 6:

Purposefully impact individuals, communities and generations through individualised care.

Hear what our clients have to say.

“Range of Motion has changed the way I see training. I used to do it because I had to exercise because that’s what you’re meant to do right!!?? But now I go because I enjoy it. I go to be inspired by the amazing coaches and athletes, I go because I actually love it. I go because slowly I keep getting better. I go because I feel like I have a sense of belonging in the Range of Motion community.”
“Range of Motion is not like any other gym I have trained at. The dedication, enthusiasm, work ethic, friendliness and approachability of all staff (not just my coach) is second to none. Whether just starting out, or an elite athlete, everyone at Range of Motion makes you feel welcome and like you can achieve anything (cheesy but true!).”
“I’ve been beyond impressed with the top notch service and culture at Range of Motion from my very first session. Dan, his amazing staff and members have made me feel very welcome, which I think is a make or break attribute of any exercise facility. Range of Motion takes this to another level.”
“For me, Range of Motion is not a gym. Range of Motion is my escape, a place where I can let my guard down, a place where I can shut off and do something I love.”
“Coming to Range of Motion I realised how much I had to learn and unlearn. I realised how poor my body was functioning and I could not move well at all, which was a recipe for injury. The knowledge and expertise the coaches have at Range of Motion is second to none and I cannot highly recommend them enough!”
“Everyone at Range of Motion is friendly, supportive and welcoming. My coach has helped me to build my fitness, strength & confidence through his supportive coaching. Thanks!”
“Fantastic place to escape life’s downs and negativity! Positive place and positive people, you leave feeling like you can take on anything life throws at you! Thank you!”
“At Range of Motion I was able to find the passion in keeping my body healthy through the training. What I love the most is that each member’s ability is recognised on an individual basis and Range of Motion’s programming is not one size fits all.”
“Range of Motion has been a life changing experiencefor me. After working with many other health professionals and having little progress, within 12 months I saw significant positive changes in my movement patters, strength and general well being. Three years on and I don’t recognise myself some days!”
“Great coaches in a great environmentfilled with amazing people that make up the Range of Motion family. All under the guidance of Dan who’s knowledge is only outdone by his commitment.”
“In three short months, my health has improved rapidly and I have felt a real sense of community. Dan and all the staff and other members make you feel welcome. I can’t wait to get deeper into Range of Motion and see where my development can go plus make new friends.”
“I really enjoy my sessions at Range of Motion. I enjoy the variety and the challenge and I feel there has been a complete turn-aroundin my health and wellbeing.”
“In three short months, my health has improved rapidly and I have felt a real sense of community. Dan and all the staff and other members make you feel welcome. I can’t wait to get deeper into Range of Motion and see where my development can go plus make new friends.”
“I love training at Range of Motion – it is my second home and the people are like family. The sessions are always challenging and everyone cheers and supports each other to reach their personal bests and goals. I personally have achieved excellent results from serious injury to being able to complete exercises and sessions I never thought possible.”
“Thanks for being the family I didn’t realize I needed. Range of Motion is our home!”
“In three short months, my health has improved rapidly and I have felt a real sense of community. Dan and all the staff and other members make you feel welcome. I can’t wait to get deeper into Range of Motion and see where my development can go plus make new friends.”
“Best training and most expert trainers I’ve ever experienced.”

Where is Range of Motion?


Unit 5/34 Sundercombe Street, Osborne Park. 6 minutes from the Perth CBD at the Hutton Street exit. 

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BSB: 182512     Account: 966328072

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