Corey Millar is a Powerlifting competitor, Coach and Subject Matter Expert.

In this interview, Dan asks Corey about how CrossFit athletes can benefit from his area of specialisation. They discuss:
– The single biggest thing CrossFit athletes neglect.
– How more focus on powerlifting training could benefit CrossFitters.
– How to incorporate powerlifting into your training without spending more time at the gym.
– The smallest thing a CrossFit athlete could do to give the greatest benefit.
– What Corey would like to see programmed as an event in The CrossFit Games.
– What Corey will be covering at the Range of Motion Athlete Camp.

Corey Millar is a veteran of the powerlifting scene, having coached and competed in the sport for a decade. Competing and training out of Perth’s Strongest Gym, The Musclepit, Corey has competed on the platform 23 times and has seen gold, silver and bronze in competition across both weight division (ranging from 67.5 to 90kg) and open male competition.

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