How can I simplify my Fitness Business?

October 29, 2019

In this episode of ROMcast, we share some snippets from our recent Range of Motion Business Mentoring video consult with Personal Trainer, Brooke.

We answered these questions:

  • How do I work out what to do first when building my business?
  • Should I build a product then look for people to buy it, or find people to help and build them a solution?
  • I can’t get my clients to exercise. What’s wrong with them?!
  • How can I help my clients change their health behaviours?
  • My clients have bigger priorities than exercise. How can I help them reprioritise?
  • I get more clients by discounting my service. Why isn’t this the best way to build my business?
  • I’m overwhelmed by how much I need to do to build my business. Where do I start?
  • My business seems so complex. How can I simplify what I have to focus on?

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