The Founder and Head Physiotherapist at Formotion Physio, Lucia graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) and has since worked in the private practice and sports setting.

She has spent the past two years working within a gym environment, more specifically with CrossFit or similar athletes. She has previously worked for Claremont Football Club, Hammersely-Carine Football club, as well as a sports massage therapist in Canada in 2014. She has particular clinical interest in sports injury rehabilitation, CrossFit and Olympic lifting and Rehabilitation and mechanics screenings.

Dan Williams asked Lucia about the three biggest tips she had for individuals who would like to improve their performance by 10%.

Lucia is one of the 11 Subject Matter Expert Coaches at the 2019 Range of Motion Athlete Camp (learn more at

The Range of Motion Athlete Camp is a two day Perth event for CrossFitters, designed to help you become a better athlete, whether you’re a complete beginner or an elite competitor.

We’ve sought out the leading coaches in their fields, and brought them together to create a team of 11 subject matter experts, who will guide you through an immersive weekend of athletic development.

You’ll learn and improve your knowledge and ability in programming, powerlifting, performance psychology and mental skills training, kettlebells, gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, running, swimming, rowing, workout strategy, competition craft, strongman, and mobility and stability.


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