In the ROMcast Q&A episodes, Dan answers the best questions from the week on CrossFit, health, improving athletic performance, psychology, mobility, nutrition and much more.

  1. Robyn asks: If I’ve got dominant muscle groups how can I make sure I don’t neglect weaker muscles?
  2. Claire asks: I’m always sore. Should I be training through this or is there something I need to change?
  3. Claire asks: My performance is improving but my bodyweight is staying the same. Why is this?
  4. Jimmy and Grant ask: How many days off can I have before I start to lose my strength and fitness? How can I hold on to it? How long does it take to get back?
  5. Maea asks: How do I know when to change my strategy in training to become more aggressive as I get fitter?

ROMcast provides bite-sized chunks of health, happiness, fitness and performance. Presented by Exercise Physiologist and Scientist, Coach and Director of Range of Motion, Dan Williams.

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