In the ROMcast Q&A episodes, Dan answers the best questions from the week on CrossFit, health, improving athletic performance, psychology, mobility, nutrition and much more.

Karen asks: How can I overcome feeling intimidated and self conscious as a new comer when you see people throwing barbells over their head or swinging off bars?

Richo asks: As I’ve gone past 40 I have found I don’t recover anywhere near as fast as I used to. Currently I train roughly every second day and quite often I am still sore and am unable to loosen up and it inhibits movements and sometimes means I have to skip things and do something else. I stretch every day and do a bit of rolling as needed, diet is pretty good, sleep could improve.

Karen asks: When do you need to start buying accessories like knee sleeves and lifting belts?
Lachie asks: Is there an ideal squat position? What are the most common faults with overhead squats and what can they tell us?
ROMcast provides bite-sized chunks of health, happiness, fitness and performance. Presented by Exercise Physiologist and Scientist, Coach and Director of Range of Motion, Dan Williams.
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