Are you a NON-COMPETITIVE CROSSFITTER who needs a more INDIVIDUALISED approach to your programming?

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This is for you if:

You're not a competitive CrossFitter, but consider it an important and healthy part of your life.

You've got goals you'd like to achieve and you'd like to improve your personal records.

There are some movements or skills you struggle with that you'd like to improve.

You'd like some extra (more individualised) training to do in addition to CrossFit classes.

You believe you would benefit from an individualised and personally tailored approach to your exercise program.

You perform CrossFit or functional fitness type exercise at home or a regular gym, and would like more direction and online coaching.

You're time-poor and don't have hours and hours a day to improve your performance.

You have access to 'open gym' and would like more direction with what you should be doing.

You have unique and specific exercise requirements, like working around an injury, soreness or a chronic disease.

Here’s what’s included:

Online Programming:

A detailed and 100% individualised online program, delivered to you weekly. Includes specific pre- exercise activation and mobilisation work, your daily training, and post- exercise mobilisation and stabilisation. Tailored to your goals, strengths and weaknesses, time constraints, level of fitness, experience, equipment and space limitations, injuries, medical conditions and any other variable that we can individualise for. Check out a four day sample program here.

Detailed Session Notes for every training session:

If you’re the sort of person who likes to know why we’re programming the sessions we are, we provide detailed notes to explain the science and reasoning behind everything we do. View a sample of the Session Notes here.

Demo and Instructional Videos:

Demo and instructional videos for the movements you’ll be completing in that day’s training, so you can always be sure you’re completing the right exercise with safety and efficiency. Check out some of the videos in the ‘Squat Strength’ section of our Exercise Library.

Unlimited Weekly Movement Assessments:

You send Dan a video of a few reps, and you’ll receive a detailed video back, analysing your movement. This video will help you move towards mastery with your own technique. It’s like having your own Personal Coach with you all the time. You can check out some of our movement analyses on our Instagram Page @ROM_individualised_programming.

Feedback on Every Training Day:

Comments and feedback from Dan on every session you do, allowing constant communication to maximise the success of your training.

Complete Access and Communication:

Round-the-clock access to Dan to ensure you’re getting the most out of your program.

Contact us now to schedule a video call to see if this is for you. Range of Motion Individualised Programming is available for $60/week, all inclusive.

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