In the audio version of our live webinar, Exercise Physiologist, Dan Williams, discusses how to apply the science of exercise to maximise weight loss through exercise.

This episode will teach you:
– What type of exercise to do to ensure you’re burning energy long after you stop exercising.
– How to add a kilogram of muscle to your body and how this will burn off 6kg of fat every year.
– Why exercise intensity is so important for weight loss.
– How much exercise you should be doing – it might surprise you!
– The five questions you need to answer ‘yes’ to in order to ensure the exercises you’re completing will help you lose weight.
– The importance of variety to create long-term, sustainable weight loss.
– How focusing on your performance can be the most powerful method of losing weight.

This episode provides a road-map to maximising weight loss through exercise.

ROMcast provides bite-sized chunks of health, happiness, fitness and performance. Presented by Exercise Physiologist and Scientist, Coach and Director of Range of Motion, Dan Williams.
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