Dan Macri is a Strongman competitor, coach and Subject Matter Expert.

In this interview, We ask Dan about how CrossFit athletes can benefit from his area of specialisation. They discuss:
– The single biggest thing CrossFit athletes neglect.
– How more focus on Strongman training and implements could benefit CrossFitters.
– How to incorporate Strongman into your training without spending more time at the gym.
– The smallest thing a CrossFit athlete could do to give the greatest benefit.
– What Dan would like to see programmed as an event in The CrossFit Games.
– What Dan will be covering at the Range of Motion Athlete Camp.

A Strongman competitor and powerlifter, Dan Macri is one of the strongest men in Australia. He is five-time Western Australia’s Strongest Man and has placed second twice in Australia’s Strongest Man. He has competed professionally at the Arnold Classic in Australia and has a Bachelors Degree in Sports Science and Nutrition.

His expertise is in strength development and performance, and structuring training programs. With a focus on the use of strongman implements. Dan specialises in Strongman training and how it can be utilised to increase functional strength muscle mass, improve posture and function and change body composition.

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