Range of Motion PD Events
Range of Motion professional development events allow Health and Fitness Professionals, Trainers and Coaches to invest in their own development and that of their staff. Invest in your greatest potential assets – knowledge, education and expertise.

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Host a PD event at your facility:

Hosted at your facility, we will run a comprehensive professional development event for your staff, trainers and coaches. It is a VERY intensive, information dense event that will leave your staff with an enormous amount of knowledge and practical applications.

There are four options for event type:

  • Half day: Four hours, choosing three of the 13 modules listed below. $1799
  • Full day: Eight hours, choosing six of the 13 modules listed below. $3199
  • One and a half day: 12 hours, choosing nine of the 13 modules listed below. $4599
  • Two day event: 16 hours, comprising all 12 modules listed below. $5999


  • How to Design Epic Culture
  • Program Design
  • Programming for Strength
  • Programming for Endurance
  • Injury Programming and Rehabilitation
  • Movement Screening and Correction
  • Building Mobility and Stability
  • Recovery Maximisation Strategies
  • Crafting an Exceptional Exercise Session Experience
  • Performance Psychology and Mental Skills Training
  • How to Create Behaviour Change and Habit Formation
  • Identifying and Targeting Your Perfect Client


We also have the following business modules available, if you are looking for business development as well as professional development:

  • Designing your Mission and the Future of your Business
  • Finding Your Niche: Identifying your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Systemising and Automating Your Fitness Business
  • Crafting the Ultimate Client Experience
  • Designing a Website that Converts
  • Content Marketing and Automation
  • Social Media Documentation and ‘Reality TV’
  • How to Craft your Marketing Message
  • The Complete Guide to Social Media Advertising
  • Advertising on Google
  • Building a Referral Program That Keeps Giving
  • Surveying Your Clients
  • Building a World Class Staff Front Line

Attend a Range of Motion PD Event:

Hosted at Range of Motion, these events are open to all Health and Fitness Professionals, Trainers and Coaches. They are intensive, information dense learning experiences that will leave you with an enormous depth and breadth of knowledge and hundreds of practical applications in the exercise and fitness field. Invest in yourself to supercharge your personal and professional development and take your value and expertise to a whole new level.

Our next Fitness Industry Professional Development event is in mid 2019.

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