ROM Nutrition Coaching

Range of Motion Nutrition Coaching offers a one-on-one behavioural approach to improving your nutritional habits

If you’ve tried everything, and feel like you’ve been in a never ending battle with food, we’ve designed ROM Nutrition Coaching for you.

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How Does ROMNC Help You?

A Behavioural Approach:

Range of Motion Nutrition Coaching takes a behavioural approach to improving nutrition. We recognise there is MUCH more to nutrition that the science of food. In fact, it’s more about the science of the mind. It’s about creating positive changes to people’s habits that are sustainable for the long term.

One-on-one Consultations:

We use one-on-one consultations (in person or video call) with your Nutrition Coach to guide you through the process of finally building healthy, sustainable, long-term nutritional habits.

Habits on Autopilot:

By building habits, we remove the need for discipline and willpower, and put healthy eating on autopilot.

Who is ROMNC For?

Who is Range of Motion Nutrition Coaching for?

Everyday people with everyday challenges.

People who want to make a healthy change that will last decades.

People who want before and after habits, not before and after photos.

People who want to know HOW to change, not just WHAT to change.

Who is Range of Motion Nutrition Coaching NOT for?

People who want to count calories and macros.

People looking for a quick fix.

People who just want a meal plan, not a plan of how to change habits.

People with amazing willpower. We help people who struggle with willpower.

How does ROMNC work?

How do I get started?

STEP 1: Get in touch:

Reach out and let us know how we can help you. It’s our job to tailor our service to your needs.

STEP 2: Are we right for you?

We’ll open a dialogue to discuss how we can help you and make sure we’re a great fit.

STEP 3: Get started:

We’ll send you your ROMNC Manual, and you’ll complete the questionnaire and initial food diary.

STEP 4: Initial Consult:

In your initial consultation (in person or video call), we’ll set some goals and identify the habits we’ll be targeting.

STEP 5: Pre- Testing:

Based on your goals, we’ll do some pre- testing. We’ll use this info to measure your improvements.

STEP 6: Consultations:

Every week or fortnight, we’ll meet (in person or video call) to assess and reset your nutrition habits.

What happens during a consult?

1: How did you go?

We’ll discuss how you went with your planned habits since our last consult. What worked? What didn’t?

2: Are We Improving?

We’ll read through our eight continuums of nutrition, measuring each one from 1-10.

3: Scoring Nutrition:

We’ll add your scores to get an overall score for your nutrition. We’ll plot it on a graph to gauge improvement.

4: Easy and Effective:

We’ll identify the easiest thing you can focus on for the next week that will have the greatest effect on your goals.

5: Planned Habits:

We’ll work out what steps to take to make your planned behaviours a habit, and the easiest way to do them.

6: Our Focus:

We’ll formalise our single, small focus for the week that will build a habit to take you towards your goals.

What Do Our Clients Say?

“After working with ROMIP, I feel happier, healthier able to fit clothes better and got my first strict chest to bar pull up with a better power to weight ratio.”
“ROMNC helped me to see that I was fuelling my body with the wrong types of food, carb heavy and poor nutritional value. I needed more protein and fat in my day to feel ‘fuller’. After around 3 months of coaching my weight reduced to 78kg, a 6kg loss.”
“I used to binge eat in the evening and blamed this all on ’emotional eating’ or boredom. I also put the blame on my family members for having junk food around as a temptation that contributed to my issues. I’ve since taken responsibility for, and control over, my eating habits.”
“I no longer have struggles on the binge eating in my evening. Post coaching with ROMNC, I’m still able to keep up healthy habits and continue to support a healthy lifestyle and exercise.”

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