Dan Williams from Range of Motion will work with you at your Fitness Business for an intensive two day, one-on-one Fitness Business Makeover. This exclusive service is priced at $4199.

To help you decide if this is the key to unlocking the missing piece in your business, contact us now to book a free video call with Dan.

Is this for you?

Is your Fitness Business in need of an acceleration, or even a comprehensive overhaul?
We specialise in working with fitness business owners who need guidance, direction and accountability to create a comprehensive business reset to turbo charge your fitness business.
An intensive two-day Fitness Business Makeover with Dan Williams from Range of Motion might just be what your business needs to get out of the rut and kick start your future success.

How it works


An Intensive Two Days

Dan will join you at your business (or our premises) for an intensive two full days of business development.

Business Assessment

We will begin by working together to conduct a full and detailed deep dive and analysis of your business.

Business Development

Based on the analysis, you will then spend two days ‘business building’ in real time, working through business foundations, operations, systemisation, marketing and product/service development.

Business Makeover

You will leave the Fitness Business Makeover exhausted, but with an overhauled business, renewed motivation and a clear path forward.

What Next?

Following your Business Makeover, you will have 12 month access to Dan for guidance and mentorship as you continue to grow and develop your newly turbocharged business.

Year of fitness industry experience

Fitness Businesses Helped

The things we’ll be working on

Business Direction:

We’ll set targets and goals to design the future of your business.

Culture and Core Values:

We’ll build the pillars of your culture and the actions to uphold it.

Unique Selling Proposition:

Identification of the unique elements to capitalise on your strengths.

KPI Tracking:

Identification of key performance indicators and how to improve them.

Systems and Operations:

Designing of the systems to create automation in your business.

Target Market Identification:

Detailed creation of your avatar to form the basis for our marketing.


Content Marketing:

Designing of a plan to deliver quality content to build reputation.

Social Media Documentation:

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Microinfluencer Strategy:

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Social Media Marketing:

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Email Marketing Strategy:

Formulating a plan to build networks and capitalise on email marketing.


Google Advertising Strategy:

Search engine optimisation and paid Google Advertising plan.


Referral Program Strategy:

We’ll build and launch a process to create a stream of referrals.

Promotions and Tactics:

We’ll design short term strategies to help create boost in client numbers.

Offline Marketing Strategy:

A plan for ‘non-digital’ marketing using traditional exposure strategies.

Client Macro Journey:

Designing the long-term experience for client retention.

Client Micro Journey:

Optimising the experience your clients receive with each interaction.

Personal Productivity:

We’ll plan initiatives to maximise the time spent on your business.

Businesses recommendations

“Dan has been great as a sounding board. Owning my own business can be quite isolating, so having someone there to bounce ideas off and help with crucial decisions has been worth its weight in gold.”


Blinco Built

“I’ve had mentors in the past who have been good at telling me what to do, but the thing with Dan is that he tells me how to do it, and holds me accountable to getting things done. The guidance has been invaluable.”


Movement for Good

“Since working with Dan, I’ve learnt how to spend time working on the business, not just in the business. Even with heaps more clients on board, I feel way less busy, and way less stressed. I’m now in control.”


Mobius Health and Performance

“I like that Dan delivers an approach this is individualised and sequenced to ensure I’m focusing on the right thing at the right time. My clients are getting a 10-fold better service, and my client numbers have tripled.”


Gold's Gym

“It’s more than just Dan’s credentials that make him a great mentor. Has already done the hard work, has a well established business, and can relate to the challenges I’m facing, because he’s faced them too.”


Mana Muscle

“Dan has given me so much more confidence in starting a new business. He’s held my hand every step of the way and has made it so much easier because he’s been there and done that.


Freedom Fitness

A Range of Motion Fitness Business Makeover is an exclusive service we only provide to a limited number of businesses per year.

1: Let’s chat

To see if a Range of Motion Fitness Business Makeover is right for you, let’s make time to catch up for a video call. This is a great way to learn more and have an open discussion around how we can best help you. There is no charge for this – it’s just a great way to see if we’re a good fit.

2: Let’s Start

From there, if it sounds like a Range of Motion Fitness Business Makeover is the best next step for you, we’ll confirm a date and start the ball rolling to accelerate your business.



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