2020 Perth Fitness Industry Professional Development Event​, 18th Oct. $397.

An intensive, one day, nine hour event to upscale the value and expertise that Fitness Professionals can provide to their clients. If you use exercise and fitness to improve the health of your clients, this is for you.

For Personal Trainers and other Fitness Professionals who want to turbo-charge their knowledge and professional development. An immersive opportunity to improve your craft. Secure your tickets.

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Event Modules:

Running from 8am to 6pm, this event provides an intensive ten hour, 12 module educational experience which will fast-track your development as a Fitness Professional by YEARS.

Expand each module below to learn more.

Module 1: Program Design.

An in-depth approach to exercise programming for varying goals and levels of ability. We cover programming on a macro level of long term individualised periodisation, down to the micro level of individual session construction.

Module 2: Programming for Absolute Strength.

We explore the science of programming to maximise strength. Covers dynamic effort training, max effort training, and accessory work, and how to incorporate them into a program for long term strength development.

Module 3: Programming for Cardiorespiratory Endurance.

Covers specific energy systems and how to train and program for them to maximise health and performance.

Module 4: Programming for Power and Speed.

We explore the science of programming to maximise the development of power and speed, exploring how incorporating these elements in your programming will not only benefit an athletic population, but also a general population.

Module 5: Programming for Relative Strength and Stamina.

Covers strategies to improve strength and stamina to weight ratio, including elements of bodyweight training, gymnastics and calisthenics. We explore the science behind implementing these strategies in to your programming.

Module 6: Injury Programming and Rehabilitation.

The most common injuries seen in a general population of exercisers. We discuss the mechanics and causative factors of injury, and explore methods for modifying training for clients with injuries.

Module 7: Movement Screening and Correction.

Learn to conduct in-depth assessments on the movement patterns in common exercises. Based on this assessment, conclusions can be drawn about musculo-skeletal health and specific corrective prescriptions can be made. Covers assessment of fault, identification of offending structures, and programming to correct the offending imbalances.

Module 8: Building Mobility and Stability.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation and stability techniques to maximise flexibility, mobility, stability, musculo-skeletal health and performance. We cover the theory to unlock the mechanical workings behind this technique of release and improved force development. Specific PNF and stability techniques are covered, teaching the student how to implement partner assisted PNF with their clients.

Module 9: Recovery Maximisation Strategies.

A complete practical template for maximising recovery from intense exercise. The theory of multiple modes of recovery are covered, as well as the practical applications of each.

Module 10: Crafting an Exceptional Exercise Session Experience.

The exercise session is the main ‘micro product’ Fitness Professional provide. In this module, we discuss how to craft an experience that not only maximises the value you provide, but also ensures you’re clients will not find better anywhere else, and will keep coming back.

Module 11: Performance Psychology and Mental Skills Training.

The education, acquisition and practice phases of psychological skills training. We will cover the principles and strategies related to Arousal Regulation, Imagery, Self Confidence, Goal Setting and Concentration.

Module 12: How to Create Behaviour Change and Habit Formation.

The primary measure of the success of a Fitness Professional is their ability to create long term positive behaviour change in their clients. We cover the research based methodologies of behaviour change, including the interactions between motivation, values, goals, environmental change, initiating action, willpower and habit formation.

Event Presenter:

Dan Williams is the Director of Range of Motion and leads a team of Exercise Physiologists, Sports Scientists, Physiotherapists and Coaches. Dan founded Range of Motion 15 years ago, and has developed it into a highly successful, standard-setting health business.

Dan has a Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Health Science) and a Postgraduate Bachelor of Exercise Rehabilitation Science from The University of Western Australia, with minors in Biomechanics and Sport Psychology. He has conducted over 25,000 individual one-on-one sessions and consultations since he founded Range of Motion in, and has overseen the prescription of over a quarter of a million exercise sessions. As part of their practicum programs, Dan has worked with students from the University of Western Australia, Edith Cowan University and The University of Notre Dame.

Dan works extensively with Fitness Professionals through two types of Mentorship Programs. He consults as a Business Mentor to those looking to build more successful, impactful and profitable fitness businesses, and he helps Fitness Professionals develop their industry specific skills as part of his Fitness Mentorships.

What Previous Attendees Thought:

This event has allowed me to take practical learnings and apply them to my training and coaching on a daily basis. Dan has challenged my thinking and it has inspired me to keep growing and learning every day.

For anyone new to training or coaching or doubting their abilities, take the leap and attend this event, you will come out the other end of the journey with a purpose, with excellent scientifically backed programming principles and a treasure chest of knowledge openly shared by Dan that will drive you to constantly think outside the box going forward.

This program is perfect for trainers looking to set themselves apart in a crowded industry.

This event has reminded me that every day is a school day when it comes to coaching. I loved every minute and have been inspired to get out there and build on the fantastic foundation I have been provided with.

It’s been a mind explosion.

You get to witness first hand, that with the correct scientifically backed programming and expert coaching, training really is accessible to everyone and can be tailored to individual needs and circumstances.

Dan’s specific knowledge and dedication to making sure every single client is achieving perfection and achieving goals through precise technique and form is beyond amazing.

It’s like taking that one perfect photo with multiple lenses – I now see how incorporating multiple methodologies over individual training sessions results in increased gains and positive outcomes.

Dan teaches you evidence based training, giving real-world skills you can use straight away.

Dan has helped me develop my coaching skills and increased my knowledge of applied exercise science.

Hear From Some of Dan’s Fitness Mentoring Clients:

Range of Motion Fitness Mentoring is a comprehensive multi-week program.

It provides an immersive learning experience, shadowing and learning from industry leader, Dan Williams, as you work on the front line with him and his clients.

The EXCLUSIVE one-on-one mentorship programs comprise a combination of practical hours working closely with Dan (with his clients and athletes) and theory tutorials.

The 2020 Perth Fitness Industry Professional Development Event compresses all the learnings from our Fitness Mentorship programs into one day – fast tracking your development.

Pricing and Tickets:

This event is part of Range of Motion’s two-part Perth Fitness Industry Professional Development calendar for 2020. This includes the Perth Fitness Industry Professional Development Event and the Perth Fitness Business Summit (learn more). You can choose to attend one event, or both, with discounted rates for attending both events.

Please note that due to organising costs, tickets are non refundable.

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