Chest To Bar Pull-Up Ability Exercise Improvement Program

Range of Motion’s Exercise Improvement Programs have been developed to assist in improving the ability to complete the movements that people most commonly struggle with. They are designed to be cycled through over time, with each session running for only five minutes. This allows them to be completed in addition to (not instead of) your regular programming.


  • Session 1: TEST: Complete a max weighted strict chest to bar pull-up. Use band assistance if required.
  • Session 2: Have a partner spot you for a strict chest to bar pull-up (or jump the chest to the bar in no partner) and complete a slow five second lower to hang. Accumulate 20 repetitions. Five minute cap.
  • Session 3: In five minutes, complete 10 single kipping chest to bar pull-up attempts. Aim to pull down on the bar and get as high as possible each repetition without a ‘second bite’ (shifting momentum from the kip to an arm pull).
  • Session 4: Complete 10 strict chest to bar pull-ups. Ideally, use a partner to assist if needed. Use a band if no partner available. Five minute cap.
  • Session 5: Accumulate one minute in a chest to bar static hold. Use a partner if needed to make each ‘hold’ minimum 5 seconds. Five minute cap.
  • Session 6: Complete 5×5 strict body rows on a bar. Pause two seconds with chest contact every repetition. Focus on scapula retraction and lat activation.
  • Session 7: Accumulate 15 kipping chest to bar pull-ups. Ideally, use a partner to assist. Use a band if no partner available. Five minute cap.
Dan Williams

Dan Williams


Dan Williams is the Director of Range of Motion and leads a team of Exercise Physiologists, Sports Scientists, Physiotherapists and Coaches. He has a Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Health Science) and a Postgraduate Bachelor of Exercise Rehabilitation Science from The University of Western Australia, with minors in Biomechanics and Sport Psychology.