How to increase fitness lead conversions by 391%

October 8, 2022

Let’s talk about how to increase the number of leads you convert from enquires to the next step of your client journey.

Your fitness business should have a well defined ‘macro journey’ – the long term process your prospects and clients follow from the moment of enquiry through to them being multi-year members.

As part of this process, we teach ROM Business Mentoring clients to measure the ‘drop offs’ at each stage of the journey. By doing this you can determine the most important stage to focus on to increase overall conversions.

Almost without fail, the highest drop off point we see is after your response to a new enquiry. That is, the prospective client enquires, you reply… then nothing. And no matter what you do, you never hear from them again.

One strategy to combat this is known as ‘speed to lead’.

The research tells us that the sooner you make contact with a new lead, the greater your chance of getting a response and, hopefully, a new client or member.

When you look at the data, you realise how important this really is.

Chances are, the person enquiring with you has enquired with several other businesses too. In 78% of cases, a new client will go with whoever responds to them first. Being first offers a big advantage.

If you respond within the first minute, you can expect to increase your conversions by a massive 391% – that’s four times as many clients who take that first step.

And while responding that quickly might not be possible if you wear multiple hats in your business, responding within five minutes still converts 21 times more clients than if you wait half an hour.

The longer you wait, the worse the odds get. What’s worrying is that in many industries, the average response time is around 42 hours. It’s no surprise that this point of the client macro journey has such a high drop off.

Again, maximising speed to lead can be difficult when you don’t have a designated team or person whose job it is to respond to leads almost instantly. But hopefully, armed with the knowledge of just how important this is, you’ll prioritise that initial response, and benefit from the extra clients this gives you.

Dan Williams

Dan Williams


Dan Williams is the Director of Range of Motion and leads a team of Exercise Physiologists, Sports Scientists, Physiotherapists and Coaches. He has a Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Health Science) and a Postgraduate Bachelor of Exercise Rehabilitation Science from The University of Western Australia, with minors in Biomechanics and Sport Psychology.

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